Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ogg files and My Sangean!

Previously, I wrote about my Sangean WFR-20 internet radio and how amazing it is.  Well, there's one more important reason I forgot to mention and it involves Linux.

Linux uses the OGG file format for digital music.  Although Linux can support and play MP3s, many folks who move over to Linux find that the OGG file format is better.  And it's not restricted by software patents, etc. It's free and open source.

Why do I mention this?   Well, the Sangean WFR-20 has the ability to stream digital music files from your computer directly to the radio.  And, here's the important Linux part...the WFR-20 supports OGG files. So, if you run Linux and have a lot of music saved in the OGG format, the Sangean WFR-20 will play them!  It's one of the many reasons why I chose this radio!   It supports a multitude of music and streaming formats. 

It shows that the tech world is recognizing that more and more people are switching over to open source formats and Linux.

If you're hoping Santa brings you a Wi-Fi radio this Christmas, this is the one you want to see under your tree!  And if you're looking for a nice gift to give, I highly recommend this radio and a Linux Mint DVD/CD. This way, they can enjoy a terrific radio while using their computer and surfing the web without worry of Windows viruses or spyware!

Get Linux!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

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