Sunday, December 14, 2008

Linux. There Are No Stupid Questions.

When I first started out in Linux, I was known as a "Noob", or Newbie.   This is slang for "New User."  As a new Linux user,  it's only natural to have a lot of questions.  I remember I went to a discussion group and was greeted by some really nice folks.

As I became more involved with Linux, I found specific community forums dedicated to specific Linux distributions.  The one I really enjoyed was the Linspire forum. the Linspire forum has since developed into the Freespire user forum.  The folks up there are absolutely some of the most wonderful and helpful Linux users around.  I credit them with really getting me up and running with Linux. Why? Because there was no such thing as a stupid question.  The users in the Freespire group never judged me by my questions.  hey were happy to answer my questions regardless of how many times they may have heard them or how "stupid" they may have sounded.

I find this is true with many Linux community forums.

Some of the most helpful Linux community forums are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Freespire.

There are many other forums which may be specific to the Linux distribution you decide to use.

The Linux community is the most giving, helpful, and patient group I've ever encountered.  They want you get the most out of Linux!

So, go ahead and ask your questions. You'll get answers. 

Get Linux.  Ask questions.  Leave Windows behind.

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