Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just Pick Up Any Pen Or Pencil

The title of this particular blog post may be a bit misleading. It's not meant to be. It's meant to make a point about Linux and all the software that runs on Linux.

Allow me to explain.

My cartoonist friend, the late Wesley Alexander would call me regularly and we'd discuss cartooning, politics, sports, etc. It's the cartooning discussions that were the most engaging. One of the topics that would come up over and over would be the tools of the trade. As cartoonists, we'd always be in search of the ultimate pen, pencil, or brush. That ever elusive drawing utensil that would magically lay down a line so clean and precise it would transform a drawing from mediocre to a masterpiece.

But Wes would always point out that, as cartoonists, we should be able to just grab and work with whatever pen or pencil was nearby. Because, despite certain intricacies, there's really not much difference between pens and pencils. They all work the same.

So it is with Linux. Linux works just like Windows. OpenOffice and Gimp work just like Microsoft Office and PhotoShop. If you know how to use Windows, MSOffice, and Photoshiop (or similar photo editing program), you can use Linux, OpenOffice, and Gimp (and all the other great Linux programs!).

Don't let the pro Microsoft folks intimidate you. Linux is friendly and familiar. It just won't get infected with Windows viruses or give you a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

Get Linux.

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