Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Customize Linux using Multiple Desktops

As I've mentioned before on this blog, the really great thing about Linux is how customizable it is. For instance, the Linux KDE desktop has the ability to run more than one desktop. You can set up to as many as 20 desktops, run applications on each and never have to figure out where your application is or navigate through the Windows clutter.  Just move over to the desktop, click, and your application is right there.

This is done through a little app called Pager.   Pager sits on your tool bar and provides you the means to navigate to the different desktops.

In this screen shot (At left.  Click for a larger view), you can see how I'm running Pager in the top and bottom tool bars. I'm running a total of eight desktops.  I've used Kmag (another great litle Linux app that already comes pre-installed!)  to zoom in and show you how Pager can be further customized to give you thumbnail images of each desktop's wallpaper.

Again, Here's desktop 8 in full view.  you can see the thumbnail of the Sydney Opera House in the Pager thumbnail in the top tool bar.  ( I run Pager in the bottom tool bar but only have the desktop numbers displayed.)  By the way, this photo and many others I run on my desktops are courtesy of GlobeTrotter 2000. His photos are up on Flickr.  These are some of the best photos of city skylines and other global landmarks I ever seen.  Absolutely worth a visit!

When it comes to customizing your desktop and giving it a unique look, there's no comparison to Windows! Linux wins hands down! and al the features are already built in and free!  With Windows, in order to get even close to this kind of customization, the user has to purchase third party plug-ins.  And these need to be run in the background using much- needed memory and other system resources.

Get a unique and customized desktop.  Get Linux!

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