Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bravo, Everyone!

One of the great things about blogging is the amazing number of tools at your immediate disposal. There's everything from gadgets to embedded images and video to active links to stats packages! It's amazing! And it's that last tool, the stats package, that I'd like to briefly discuss.

It's called Stat Counter and it's a free statistical package that allows you to get a count of the number of visitors coming to your blog or web site.  Well, I was interested in how many folks visited us here at, so I installed it.   And happily, it's not at all intrusive.   It collects the same kind of general information that any other website/server logs, except that it presents you with the information in a variety of graphs and pictorial representations.  It's free and quite popular in the blogosphere. 

I just checked the stats package that runs on this blog and was happy to see that over 45% of the visitors use the Firefox 3.0 browser! In addition, 21.18% use Firefox 2.0.

More than half of One Click Linux's visitors (66%!) use the Firefox browser!

This is so great to see! The word on Open Source Software and it's security and stability is spreading far and wide!

If you use Linux, Firefox is the default browser.   So, after you've installed Linux, and when your desktop comes up, double click the Firefox icon and away you go!  If you use Windows, you'll want to switch to Firefox.  It's a faster and safer browser. You can download Firefox 3.0 here.   Once you use Firefox, you'll never go back to Internet Explorer.  And after you experience all the community support for Firefox, the add-ons, themes, and how customizable it is, you'll then want to switch to Linux.  Like Firefox, Linux is incredibly customizable and user friendly.  Linux also has a huge community to help you along...and it's FREE!

Linux and Firefox make web-surfing safe, secure and more enjoyable.

Get Linux. 


xISO_ZWT said...

It's good to see stats as such; Makes a lot of the proprietary software companies commissioned 'studies' questionable, to say the least. Corporations are not above 'tilting' study results in their favor and how the studies are conducted leave room for concern.

Corporations based their numbers on marketshare whereas GNU/Linux/FOSS base theirs on installed based. For instance, because of the philosophical nature of FOSS, the software is free. You can install one distro repeatedly on numerous machines while you can only install windows 'legaly' on one machine.

Great blog, good concise information. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me rant.

MSzorady said...

Anytime! Glad you stopped by.:) Your points are very insightful.

And thanks for the nice comments about the blog. I'm having a great time with it.