Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Newest Ubuntu

I haven't posted on this site for some time due to a couple of new projects I've been working on. One involves Linux and the other is a new cartoon feature I've created called, I Knew That. I'll talk more about these down the road.

In the meantime, I wanted to pass along a video my nephew Michael sent to me. Mike is a Computer Science major at bowling Green State University. he recent;y decided to set his Windows Vista desktop aside and give Linux anothr look. he chose Ubuntu's Beta release 8.04, aka Hardy Heron.

Mike said that set up and installation was easy. He found instructions online on how to install Ubuntu next to Vista. He emailed me, "Since this was the first time dual booting with Vista, I went online for some help and followed the guidelines for shrinking my Vista partition here:"

After Mike got Ubuntu installed, he then used its Add/Remove software installer and installed Compiz Config, the 3D desktop. Mike then added plug-ins like 3D Windows and his desktop really came alive. You'll also note that in the video, Mike is running a game called Full Tilt Poker. This is a Windows program that he's running in Linux using Wine.

It's all easy to do and the folks on the Ubuntu forums will help you achieve the same result with your computer.

Enjoy the video. Then, get Linux.

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