Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kiowa Ease of Use

As I take this new Kiowa Linux through its paces, I'm delighted to see features that make the overall computing experience a pleasure and ease to use. One of these features is quite simple, but oh so necessary if you're moving over from Windows.

When I first moved to Linux, the biggest question I had was, "How much of my hard drive is being used?" Linux gave me the information, but graphically, it fell a bit short in giving me a familiar interface. But, thank goodness this has improved ten fold. And Kiowa has it! In the above screen shot, you can see how easy it is to get this information. Simply right click on your drive, select properties and new window comes up displaying a pie chart showing drive usage and available space.this is brilliant! It's easy to find, pleasant to view, clear and informative!

I was on deadline last night and used the new Kiowa Linux to get my comic strip completed. I'm happy to report that Gimp 2.4 and Xsane (scanning utility) worked wonderfully well! (both are included in Kiowa.) Things went so well, that I not only completed my comic strips, but got wrapped up in using and exploring Kiowa. Which is why there was no blog post yesterday.

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