Saturday, March 8, 2008

A better Sound Mixer

I'm continuing to explore Kiowa Linux Beta 3 and am delighted by all the neat features the GNOME desktop offers. In the above screen shot, you can see Kiowa's sound mixer application (GNOME Alsa mixer) . Now, compare this sound mixer with the ones you've used in Windows XP. You can clearly see that Linux is head and shoulders above Windows. Every aspect of sound control can be tailored and tweaked to your heart's content. You can control each and evey nuance of the sound eminting from your PC's speakers. need more 3D control? Simply check the box and adjust the mixer settings giving your music a more spacious feel. Easily adjust surround sound settings if you have these kinds of speakers set up. Does your sound card support 5.1? There's an adjustment for this, too! Adjustments for microphone, video, center speakers, etc. It's all there! In addition, if your PC is equipped with two sound cards, GNOME Alsa Mixer can select either card right from the file menu. It gives you total control!

And this is the great strength of Linux. It's totally customizable to YOUR liking and tastes. From the desktop tool panels, sound, video...all aspects of the Linux operating system can be customized and tweaked to your exacting standards. With Linux, you no longer have to rely on Windows' "one flavor for all" approach. Linux is real computing power!

Get Linux. Get Kiowa!

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