Saturday, February 2, 2008

Who Needs The Goundhog? You've Got Liquid Weather!

The groundhog saw his shadow this morning and that means six more weeks of winter. But Punxsutawney Phil only makes a weather prediction once a year. If you run Linux, you can have a weather widget telling you the weather every single day of the year!

Superkaramba runs desktop widgets on your Linux system and one of the best and most popular is Liquid Weather.

Liquid Weather is a very stylish and powerful SuperKaramba widget that gives you your local weather forecast. It's highly customizable and the community is constantly building add-ons and other little components for it. You can even add local web cams from around the world and view real time snapshots of those weather conditions. And there are a number of weather maps you can view, as well. All with just a click of your mouse.

And the nicest thing about Liquid Weather is what doesn't come with it. Namely, spyware. When you install Liquid Weather, there are no spyware programs creeping around in the background inserting themselves into your system and monitoring your every move. No pop-ups or ads, either. Just a wonderful, clean little widget thanks to SuperKaramba.

So if you want Liquid Weather, you'll need SuperKaramba. To get Superkaramba, you'll need to get Linux.

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