Friday, February 1, 2008 Here's Another Choice.

You've probably heard the commercial on the radio regarding and other "online" internet computer repair services. For a fee, they'll remotely hook into your computer and fix whatever Windows problem you may be having.

Now, I don't think services like these are that bad of an idea. And I'll bet there are many a Windows user out there who've been helped and absolutely love the service. (and services like them) certainly do fill a need. A big need. Because Windows is so vulnerable to viruses and spyware.

But, here's another alternative. Rather than pay $99.95 for spyware and virus removal, simply get Linux. You can download any number of Linux distributons for free from Once you have Linux downloaded and burned to disk, simply install it to your computer and your Windows virus, spyware and malware problems are solved.

How are they solved? Because you won't be using Windows anymore. You'll be using Linux.

Linux is immune to Windows viruses and spyware. So, you won't need services like You save $100.00!

Get Linux!

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