Monday, February 18, 2008

PC Ton!c. Another Great Linux Blog!

PC Ton!c is another great Linux blog! It offers information, news, and other resources for Linux users. The blog's creator, Ashutosh Mishra, is also a contributor to

PC Ton!c is a wonderful, cutting edge resource for Linux, but also offers tips and tricks for Windows users, as well.

For instance, here's a really useful post on how to run Linux within Windows. PC Ton!c really covers all the bases and I'm happy to recommend the blog to OCL readers.

OneClickLinux and PC Ton!c. Two great blogs for Linux users and PC users in general.


Ashutosh Mishra said...

Hi Mr.Mark,
Thank you so much for the post! Some of your posts have been very helpful to me as I am a full time Linux user.

Ashu (Ash)

MSzorady said...

My pleausure.:) Anytime.:)