Friday, February 15, 2008

Little Tweaks Mean A Lot.

Linux is so incredibly customizable. You can tweak and change things on your desktop to your heart's content. There are a million different ways to set up your desktop! You can a make the computer as individual as you.

One such tweak allows you to change the focus of the mouse pointer. (It's little things like this tweak which makes Linux so much fun to use!) This tweak streamlines your mouse and really will save you time and "clicks" when navigating folders and directories.

Here's how it works. Open any file folder in Konqueror. Right click on the upper left hand corner icon of this window. A drop down menu appears. Select "Configure Window Behavior." It should be just above the "Close" selection.

A new window appears. On the left hand side, select "Focus." The drop down menu marked "Policy" gives you the options on how you want your mouse pointer to react. Select "Focus Follows Mouse." Select "Apply" to accept the changes and then close the window.

Now, when you're navigating through directories and folders, and you have more than one open window on your desktop, the window will become active just by passing your mouse over it. There's no need to click to activate the window!

If you prefer to click to activate windows, simply go back and change the option to "Click to Focus."

But this one little tweak saves you a lot of time navigating open windows and really cuts down on the constant clicking of your mouse. And cutting back on those clicks can save some wear and tear on your mouse.

So give this little tweak a try. it's easy to set up and youcanalways change thigs back without harming your Linux system.

From time to time, I'll be showing you other tips and tricks in customizing your Linux desktop. But you gotta first get Linux!

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