Sunday, February 17, 2008

Linux Is A Community.

Folks always ask me if it's easy to make the move to Linux. I tell them it is. It's very easy to move to Linux. But, the big key to getting any Linux Distro to work well for you, and to make a successful and smooth move, is to get involved in the Linux community. This is not unlike what folks were doing when they first purchased Windows.

In the early Microsoft days, when Windows gave the new user a problem, a phone call was made to a friend or family member for a solution. That friend or family member was another Windows user. Thus, a community of established Windows users usually helped the new user through some of the rough spots.

The same thing is happening online in Linux communities all over the web.

The only reason why I use Linux and have had such a great time using Linspire, Freespire, and Kiowa is due to the folks in the Freespire/Linspire community. They've been here with me every step of the way. Not only did they get me up and running, but advised me on the kind of system to buy so I could continue to run Linux better and faster than ever. That system came from a community member, Mr. Gigabytes of Gigastrand International. From this community I met folks like Matt (Elinux) and got involved with his Kiowa Linux distro. Heck, I bought a Kiowa Linux laptop! I absolutely love it!

But it all happened because I logged on, introduced myself, and asked questions. And the folks up there have been more than willing to help. Everyone wants to see Linux succeed! We want to see it in the hands of more and more users every day.

It's probably the number one piece of advice I give readers on this blog...Get involved! Join a community, ask questions, help others,etc.

Linux is not just an OS. It's a community of users who are helping one another, building technlogy, and forging relationships.

I'm a Linux user. I'm a product of this helpful, generous Linux community.

Get Linux and get involved. Join your Linux distribution's forums, user group, or other online community. You'll meet some wonderful, helpful Linux users, have a safe and secure computing experience, and leave Windows headaches far behind.

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