Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kiowa Linux Beta 3

Last night, I downloaded the new Kiowa Beta 3 and installed it. It all went quite well! The installation was the smoothest and easiest I've ever experienced. And it was fast, too! Speaking of fast, I'm most impressed at how fast this new Kiowa Linux boots! If I miss my guess, in less than 25 seconds, I'm up and running.

I'm a KDE fan myself, but this Gnome desktop is quite nice. It really is a nice interface. Very user friendly. I'm able to find all needed utilities and tools without any problems.

The first thing I did was go into the repo and install the Nvidia drivers. Wow! My wide screen flat panel just jumped to life! It looks gorgeous!

Really, folks, get this distro while you can. I don't think you'll be disappointed. So far, I'm loving the experience. I'll be working on my comic strip George over the next few days and I'll be using Kiowa Beta 3 to help me along. Kiowa Beta 3 has the latest Gimp (ver. 2.4) which is a huge improvement over 2.2. Also included are the latest stable versions of Firefox and Thunderbird. So, it'll be nice to try out some new toys.

Matt and the entire Kiowa Linux team have done a nice job with this release. If you're new to Linux or a seasoned Linux user, no matter. Get Kiowa Linux and take it for a test drive.


Anonymous said...

Received the following message while visiting their site:

"We're still here and have not gone anywhere. Please excuse the mess and check back shortly. Thank you!

Webmaster: Contact support as soon as possible."

Any word on when they might be back? I wanted to download their distro and give it a try.


MSzorady said...

Should be sometime soon, from what I understand. I'll post links, etc. as son as I get word when their RC is available.