Friday, February 8, 2008


The really great thing about Linux is all the free software immediately at your disposal. Once you have Linux installed on your computer, there are dozens of programs already pre-installed and ready for use.

If you want to explore even more software offerings, simply open which ever package manager your Linux distro runs (ie: Synpatic in Debian distributions) and download and install any of thousands of software apps!

I stumbled on one such software program while perusing the Freespire repository. (Freespire also uses, to simplify software installation even more!) The program is GQview. GQview is an image browser that features single click access to view images and easily navigate your hard drive's directory tree. It has a very clean interface and displays all image formats including your digital photo's Exif information. And, like most Linux software, it's absolutely free!

GQview is quickly becoming my favorite image viewer. The neat thing about it is how fast it performs. It's very responsive. The one click access is a real advantage. You can also turn on filtering, so the only files displayed are image files. All the other file clutter is turned off.

So if you need a really nice, clean, yet fast, image viewer, check out GQView. But you gotta get Linux first!

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