Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free Comic Book Day!

"Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world are giving away comic books absolutely free* to anyone who comes into their stores. (* Each retailer will decide the guidelines for receiving comics.)"

The above statements come from the Free Comic Book Day website. Last year, I participated in a FCBD signing at The Toys Time Forgot, an Ohio Comic book shop. Not only were we celebrating Free Comic Book Day, but Cartoonists Day, as well.

Lots of families attended this event. Moms and dads would stop by the booth to get an autograph or sketch, and they'd often ask about my digital tools. They'd mention that their son or daughter was interested in drawing and wondered which software program they should purchase for their child?

This is when I'd pull out a Linux disk. Linux, just like many of the comics on Free Comic Book Day, is free! It comes with hundreds of software progams form drawing, sketching, writing, coloring, photo editing, etc. It's all there and the cost if free! Linux has so many graphics programs available that it really is a great introduction to the world of digital art/cartooning! And, the cost for families simply cannot be beat.

I recognize that in some areas of the graphics industry the Apple Mac is the standard tool. But how many families have $3000.00 for an Apple Mac? Add to this PhotoShop and other graphics programs and the cost can climb close to $5,000.00!

Linux is the economical and wise choice. Even if you decide to buy a Linux system, you'll still be saving thousands of dollars over buying a Mac or Windows PC. In addition, you'll have a safer and more secure computer. Linux is immune to Windows viruses and spyware.

So, whether you're interested in graphics at a professional or amateur level, Linux is a great choice! I know. I'm a nationally syndicated cartoonist and I use Linux to help create my cartoon features.

Details are still being worked out for this year's Free Comic book Day and Cartoonists Day. I'll update this blog as to where I'll be appearing. And, I'll be sure to have plenty of cartoons and Linux (Kiowa and Freepire) disks!

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