Sunday, January 6, 2008

SuperKaramba Simply Super!

The big "eye candy" in desktop computing seems to be desktop widgets. These are little gadgets that give you any number things for your desktop like weather reports, photo slide shows, streaming news and info, etc.

The Apple Mac has a bunch of these as does Yahoo! for Windows. But probably the best of the bunch is SuperKaramba for Linux! SuperKaramba is community supported and has thousands of little gadgets for your desktop. In the above screen shot, you can see I'm running a weather widget called Liquid Weather as well as a Wikipedia search bar, clock, and space wheel (patterned after the one in the movie 2001).

SuperKaramba sits in your system tray and runs in the background. You can you can run any number of widgets at once on your desktop (depending on memory and system resources) Superkaramba makes it easy to install new widgets. Simply open and select "New Stuff." You're then presented with a list of the newest and most popular widgets. Click and install! Then select to run on your desktop! That's it! You can also install widgets you download from

SupeKaramba really helps to add functionality and polish to your desktop. And since it's community driven,it's free. You can also contribute your own widgets!

But you'll need to get Linux in order to get Superkaramba. Once you have Linux and SuperKarmaba, you'll have one of the best looking, most personally customized desktops around! (And one that is virus and malware free and free from Windows headaches!)

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