Friday, January 18, 2008

Split Pane Navigation.

Windows has Windows Explorer as its File Manager. Well, Linux (using KDE) uses Konqueror. And Konqueror is much more robust and feature rich than Explorer.

For instance, one of the neatest features, which I always use, is Konqueror's ability to split one window pane into many.

To do this, simply enable the Extra Toolbar in Konqueror (Settings>Toolbar>Extra Toolbar).

A series of window icons appear in the upper left. you can open up panes side by side or one top of one another. Clicking in the pane allows you to navigate to any number of directories on your hard drive(s). You can then move files from one pane to the other simply by dragging and dropping. All without having to open multiple Windows.

Get Linux
and get a better computing (and File Manager) experience!

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