Thursday, January 24, 2008

OneClickLinux now part of Kioskea!

OneClickLinux is now a part of the computing community web site. Simply click on the the Tribune tab of the Kioskea site to get the latest computing news on Linux, hardware, software, technology, and of course select articles from OneClickLinux.

So regardless of where you start your web experience, here or at, you're always just a click away from Linux information for beginners here at OCL and cutting edge news about the computing world at!


Ashutosh Mishra said...

Congratulations on being part of the Kioskea Tribune!! My blog - PC Ton!c - is in it too. I blog about Windows stuff, but I have been using Ubuntu full time since May and I absolutely love it.

MSzorady said...

Ashutosh, thank you so much for the warm welcome.:) I'm quite excited about being part of Kioskea! I look forward to reading your columns and bog.:) Ubuntu is a great distro!

Thanks again for the kind words.:)