Sunday, January 20, 2008

More about Konqueror

As mentioned in a previous post, Linux (in KDE) uses Konqueror as it's file Manager. But Konqueror is much, much more.

Konqueror is a File Manager, Web Browser and Universal Image Viewer.

Let's focus on the web browsing aspect.

When you open Konqueror, you're given navigation of all the directories on your hard drive(s). To get out to the web, simply type the URL (web address) you wish to access in Konqueror's address bar. Konqueror immediately becomes a browser and takes you to that web destination! It's that easy!

In the above screen shot, you can see my hard drive directory on the left side. But in the main window, I'm accessing Yahoo news. I'm also streaming video of an interview with Senator John McCain, again, using Konqueror in a smaller separate widow.

It's amazing how powerful, yet easy to use Konqueror really is!

Get a better computing and web experience, Get Linux.

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