Friday, January 4, 2008

Meet your budget. Get Linux.

The new year has begun and pretty soon we'll all be reviewing income and expense statements from the previous year and submitting our tax returns.

Do you want to make it a profitable 2008? Would you like to keep more of your hard earned money?

The solution is simple! Get Linux! You can get Linux for free or purchase a Linux laptop of desktop for a minimal amount of money.

And once you have a Linux computer, you then have access to thousands of FREE software programs. Programs like OpenOffice for home or office productivity (includes MS Office compatible word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.). Scribus for Desktop publishing. The Gimp for image editing.

Since tax season is looming, you can try Gnucash or KMyMoney to help organize your personal fiances. Plus there are many, many more financial software applications to help you with your checkbook and budgets! And the majority of these programs are open source and free to use and share!

With Windows, you have to buy additional software costing hundreds of dollars! And you're not allowed to share this software with others.

Plus Linux, is immune to windows viruses. So you'll save additional dollars by not having to buy anti-virus software or endless subscriptions.

So visit Gigastand International or and consider a Linux computer for your home, office or family. Get Linux and watch your bottom line improve!

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