Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lock Your Files!

Now that tax season is upon us, you will undoubtedly be working with personal financial information on your computer desktop. And you'll want to keep prying eyes away from this information.

Well, through the Freespire forums discussion I learned about a terrific encryption/decryption Linux program called KGpg.

Freespire and Linspire can install this program via it's CNR.com software system. In a matter of clicks, you can password protect/encrypt your files and folders and lock up sensitive personal information.

How easy is it to use? Quite easy as the user's manual describes,

"Encrypting a File From Konqueror
Click on the file you want to encrypt with the right mouse button. Choose Actions->Encrypt File in the pop up menu. You will then be prompted with the Public key selection dialog. Choose the key of the recipient and click Encrypt. The encrypted file will be saved with a .asc or .gpg extension depending on whether you chose ASCII encryption or not.

Encrypting a File or Text With Kgpg's Applet

Simply drop your file on the Kgpg system tray applet. If it is an unencrypted file, Kgpg will pop up the key selection dialog (see below). Select the encryption key, and the encrypted file will be saved. If you drop text, the encrypted text will be pasted to the clipboard. You can also encrypt clipboard by selecting the Encrypt clipboard item in applet menu."

A set of screen shots and step by step instruction on how the program gets set up can be found here.

KGpg even gives you a shredder which will shred (overwrite up to 35 times before deleting) files you want to permanently be rid of.

KGpg gives you a really nice solution for locking down sensitive information on your Linux computer.

So get Linux and get secure!

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