Monday, January 28, 2008

Listening To the Radio Part 2

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I love listening to the radio.

One other program I enjoy listening to is The Dave Ramsey show. Dave offers financial advice to his listeners to help them make the most of their money, and more importantly, get out of debt.

It's really amazing to hear callers who have incomes of $150,000.000 a year and are carrying a debt two to three times that. Much of that debt winds up on credit cards.

From listening to Dave's show, the one point he hammers home more and more is for people to understand how to live below their means. That means not buying every new gadget that comes along and learning to pull in your belt a little.

Well, Linux falls right in with that message.

For many families needing a computer, Linux is perfect! It fits into the budget quite easily because Linux is FREE! If a particular Linux distro isn't free, it comes at a very low cost. A cost far lower and more affordable than Windows Vista for sure! And many Linux distributions are family licensed. One copy can be installed on all the family's computers.

Linux is affordable! Families will save hundreds of dollars! Linux software is free, there are THOUSANDS of titles available, and there's no need to buy or subscribe to anti-virus software. Linux is immune to Windows viruses.

And best of all, Linux is easy to use. It's interface is friendly and familiar. Linux does everything Windows does but at a fraction of the cost.

Linux is powerful, stable, secure, easy to use, and makes good financial sense.

Get Linux.

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