Sunday, January 27, 2008

Linux, Windows, and Radio

I love radio! Ever since I was a kid, I just loved listening to the radio. When I was in second grade, my parents gave me a Toshiba portable radio as a gift for my first communion. It tuned AM, FM, LW, and four shortwave bands. I still have it and it still works. The dials and some of the circuitry need to be cleaned a bit, though. It was a great radio and I would dial all around for talk shows, music, and news programming from New York City, Chicago, Boston and other cites with those big booming signals late at night. I'd also dial in the BBC and other shortwave broadcasters from around the world.

I still listen to the radio while I'm in the studio working on my comic strip or panels or when I'm writing this blog. The radio is always on.
With the advent of XM radio, I'm able to get all kinds of programming. And I tend to listen to a lot of talk shows. My favorites lately are computer and technology shows. Into tomorrow with Dave Graveline is a good one that talks about new technology and I really enjoy listening to Leo LaPorte and his "Tech Guy" program.

Leo LaPorte, Kim Komando and other computer talkers offer help and advice to their listeners whose systems may be giving them problems.

Here's the thing that I've noticed. Almost all the callers to these shows are having problems with Windows systems. Every once in a while a Mac user calls in with a problem, but the majority of callers seem to be Windows users. And they tend to have problems with having picked up a virus or piece of spy ware. Ironically, right now as I type this, Leo LaPorte is telling a caller that his problem sounds like his Windows system has a virus. Leo is saying the system is "showing symptoms of a virus."

I used to listen to these shows because I used to run Windows and wanted to avoid having these same kinds of problems. When I switched to Linux, the need for these radio programs pretty much disappeared. I still listen to hear the latest tech news and what new computer products are hitting the market, but I run Linux. I don't worry about windows viruses or spy ware.

I'd just like to say to Leo, Kim and all the other computer talkers out there that the solution to all these Windows problems is simple. Get Linux.

But if everyone did, then you wouldn't have much to talk about.

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