Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's thin. It's cool. It's $1800.00!??

Apple unveiled it's newest laptop, the Macbook Air. It weighs only 3 pounds and is 3/4 of an inch thick. It also costs $1800.00. Now, before you rush out and buy into all the hype, ask yourself, "What do I need in a laptop?"

Well, for starters, it'd be nice to have a DVD Drive so you can play movies, install software, etc. Unfortunately, Macbook Air doesn't come with one. But, you can always buy an external one for an additional $99.00. How about a 15.4 inch screen? Well, on this new laptop, you only get a 13.3-inch screen. Surely, you'll want a 200 gig hard drive for all the documents, pictures, etc. you'll be saving. Nope. The Macbook Air only comes with an 80 gig hard drive.

Now, I'm not trying to be too critical of Apple. They really do a terrific job in innovating computers and other electronics. I'm just pointing out that while this is technically quite cool and an achievement in miniaturization, you're better off getting yourself (and your family) a laptop or desktop computer running Linux.

With a standard laptop, you'll get a DVD drive, a 200 gig hard drive, lots of memory, a nice large 15.4 inch screen, and it'll only weigh in at six or seven pounds. But the nice thing is, you'll get all this at a starting price
as little as $600.00 (especially if it comes with Linux!)

You can order a laptop from the folks at or Gigastrand or even buy a laptop off the shelf and install Linux yourself.

Not only will you have a cutting edge Linux Operating System free of Windows viruses and spy ware, you'll also have access to thousands of free software applications, a helpful community to show you the ropes, and $1,200.00 in your savings account!

Overall, Linux is more cost effective yet still gives you cutting edge software and a stable and secure operating system (which is also quite cutting edge.)

Apple makes some nice computer products. But take a look at Linux. Which would you rather have, a lighter computer and a lighter wallet? Or, a heavy wallet and a cutting edge laptop that still doesn't weigh all that much?

Now you know why I run Linux on my laptop.

Get Linux.

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