Sunday, January 13, 2008

Games! Games! Games!

Most people continue to hang on to their Windows System due to their love of computer games. Well, Linux has hundreds of games in its repository, and the majority of them are free for download!

One such game, which is absolutely addictive, is Frozen Bubble. Frozen Bubble already comes installed on most Linux distributions. If it's not, it's easily downloaded and installed from that distro's repository.

Frozen Bubble is a simple enough game to understand and play. Simply try to knockout all the balls (bubbles) before they come crashing down on you. Each new level brings a new layout and new skill challenge.

Linux has arcade games, interactive games, action games, puzzle games, sports games, role playing games, card games, strategy games, boardgames, games for kids (check out Super Tux, a particular favorite for kids), etc. Simply open your repository (or if you're running Linspire or Freespire, go to, select your game, check it off, Click apply, and it will download and install!

If you really must play Windows games, you can always install Cedega, an emulator which will allow you to install many Windows games on Linux.

So get Linux, lose the Windows viruses and still play great games!

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