Thursday, December 13, 2007

Windows Reboot Blues

Today at the office, the Windows system I was working on flagged me for a security update. Well, I figured it was probably due to Patch Tuesday, so I went ahead and allowed Windows to download and install the security updates.

While all this was going on, I was in the middle of taking care of some paperwork in an accounting program.

Windows finished it's installation of the security patches and said it needed to reboot. So, I had to stop what I was doing, make sure my data was backed up, Save other files I had open, close down the application I was working with, and allow Windows to reboot.

Then, I had to await for Windows to once again initialize, start up, scan for the security updates, launch anti-virus software and other programs to block viruses and malware, and generally get back up to speed.

Five to seven minutes later, I'm back up and running.

During this whole process, I lost time when I could have been productive. Multiply this by a the number of Windows computers a business runs, and it translates into lost hours, let alone minutes!

When I come home to run Linux, I say goodbye to all these security updates. Linux is immune from Windows viruses and doesn't need to be constantly patched and secured. Linux is secure! (At home, I no longer run Windows to access the Internet. Windows is simply too vulnerable to attack.)

If you get Linux for your home or business, you can forget about being bothered with Patch Tuesday, malware and Windows viruses. You can run your system without being bothered and simply get your work done.

Get Linux, get secure, and get productive!

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