Saturday, December 29, 2007

Windows, Linux, and Viruses

Yesterday, I got together with my nieces and nephew for little post Christmas gift exchange. (I got all three Pirates of The Caribbean movies! Woo-Hoo!)

During our visit, the oldest niece lamented that her Windows laptop was LOADED with all kinds of pop-ups and other problems. I suspect that she may have visited a malicious web site or shared a file that has compromised here operating system. indows simply isn't as secure as folks believe. And third party virus scanners don't catch everything and sometimes cause more problems than they solve.

Coincidentally, a recent thread on the Freespire Forums regarding Linux viruses prompted me to do a bit of research on the subject.

So, can a virus compromise your Linux system?

Well, the short answer is, "No."

A more involved and well written answer can be found here.

Please, do yourself a favor and read the entire article. You'll understand all the more why ditching Windows and getting Linux is the move to make this New Year.

And if there is one thing you can do in 2008 to make your year better and brighter, it's simply to switch to Linux! You'll say goodbye to viruses and malware and hello to a safe and secure computing experience!

(Oh, and I plan on getting Kiowa Linux for my niece's laptop soon.)

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