Friday, December 28, 2007

Web building

I've been using computers for years. I can remember when web building software was all the rage. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) became the new and easy standard to build a web site. You no longer needed to hire a webmaster to build a web site for you. If you could run Microsoft Word, you could build a web site. It became that easy.

Today, building a web site online is becoming more and more the standard. Simply by using your browser,you can build a web site. Templates are pre-designed, shopping carts are easily inserted, and everything is correctly coded to be read across all browsers and computer platforms. This blog is a perfect example of a web site built entirely online through a browser.

So, if you move to Linux, you need not worry about Web building software. Simply build the web site online. I built this blog running Linux and using the Firefox browser.

So, if you switch to Linux, you may have that one web building program from Windows that you still need to access. I'm in that boat. Although the Linux Nvu web building program is quite good, I still needed access to MS FrontPage.

I started out with Microsoft's FrontPage product right from its first release. I grew up with the program, so to speak. The last version I purchased was FrontPage 2000. I was going to upgrade again, at one point, but ended up making the switch to Linux.

Now that I've switched to Linux, I still need to use FrontPage every now and again. Once more, Crossover Linux to the rescue! Simply by running CrossOver Linux (which is really the commercial version of Wine), I'm now able to run FrontPage 2000 in Linux just as if I were in Windows! Check out the screen shot above. That's Microsoft FrontPage running in Freespire Linux! Windows is not needed at all!

As you may know, I run a virtual machine in Linux which can run Windows. But the Crossover solution does not need Windows to be installed at all! Somehow, Crossover (Wine) fools the program into thinking that it's installed and running in a Windows environment.

The bottom line here is if you really need one or two Windows programs, they just may be able to install and run in Linux simply by using Crossover Linux (or wine). You can check out the entire list of compatible programs here.

If you any doubts about this technology, simply read Codeweavers' Mission Statement:

"CodeWeavers' goal is to make Unix (including Linux and Mac OS X) a fully Windows-compatible operating system. All Windows applications should be able to be run on Unix: cleanly, harmoniously, within the native environment, and without using an emulator. To that end, we maintain this Compatibility Center. Here, you can learn the exact status of any given Windows application vis-a-vis Wine. We also hope that you will join us in helping to support your application in Wine."

So make the switch to Linux. There are plenty of groups and companies helping you make the transition an easy one and at the same time,allowing you to bring along that much needed Windows software program. For instance, Kiowa Linux has a wonderful and easy to use version of Wine available! It's free and comes with their Linux operating system!

So get a Linux system and have the ability to run a Windows program without all the Windows headaches of viruses and malware!

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