Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Surpised And Amazed!

A friend of mine decided to buy a laptop for his son for Christmas. I've been touting the advantages of Linux to him and others for a long time. And what does he do? He turns around and buys a Windows Vista laptop. It was on sale for $599.00. Now, that's a pretty good price, but my friend got socked with additional charges that he didn't see coming.

For instance, he was told that it would be prudent to buy an anti-virus package for $129.00 because, well, Windows is vulnerable to viruses. Then, he also bought the student version of MSOffice because his son is going to be writing a lot of papers for school. The price for that was $149.00.

This $599.00 laptop is now costing $877.00!

And he's going to find out that Windows Vista is going to run slow on that bargain laptop. I've already reported that in order to run Windows Vista at a decent pace on a laptop or desktop computer, you'll need to do a major upgrade of hardware. And that means spending additional money for memory, etc.

I'm always surprised that, even though Windows gives folks so many headaches with crashes, viruses, pop-ups, and Trojans, they still continue to spend money on yet another Windows system! I'm amazed that people are so blind to Linux! They don't see this wonderful alternative OS right in front of them and free for the taking!

Had my friend bought a Linux Laptop, the price would be the cost of the laptop. Period. No extra charges for anti-virus software or spyware scanners. Linux is immune to Windows viruses. An anti-virus program is not needed.

And with Linux, there's no need to purchase extra software, either. For instance, every Linux computer comes with OpenOffice. Openoffice is the free open source office suite fully compatible with MSOffice. So, there's no need to buy Microsoft Office or any other software program. Thousands of Linux software programs are available for download and installation absolutely FREE!

So, Get Linux and keep more of your hard-earned dough-ho-ho in your pocket!

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