Sunday, December 30, 2007

Scribus part two.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used Scribus to design this year's Christmas card.

I also use Scribus to create one of my features, George's Word Ladder. Freespire 2.0 updated my version of Scribus to version 1.3.4.

With this latest version, the interface has been improved and there are tool bars galore! Scribus has page navigation tool bars, history tool bars, properties dialog tool bar/window for making adjustments to images, text and shapes, a scrapbook for storing clip art and much more!

Scribus also has a layers menu allowing you to work and build your pages in multiple in layers much like Gimp/PhotoShop. So,as you can see in the above screen shot, I keep all the artwork on one layer, text on a separate layer, etc. This way, I can turn things on and off and more easily edit specific elements of the page.

Scribus allows you to output your pages as PDF or any one of several image file formats. I output my pages as EPS files. I can then open these in Gimp and define the resolution I want to the page to be. In this case, I open these EPS files at 600 dpi as B&W images and save this new file as a compressed tiff.

Scribus really has all the tools, bells, and whistles to replace your current desktop publishing program.

So, get Linux and Scribus will already be installed and ready to use.

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