Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The One Downside to Linux

I've talked about how great Linux is. Once you get Linux on your computer, you'll never go back to Windows or Mac. You'll have thousands of free software applications at your disposal. You'll have widgets and themes and icon sets and fonts available at the click of a mouse, all built by members of the Linux community. You may even get into the act yourself and contribute your own themes, wallpapers, etc. But most important, when you run Linux, you'll have a safe, secure operating environment free from Windows viruses and spy ware.

But there is a slight downside to Linux. When a family member or friend runs into a problem with their Windows computer due to a Trojan or virus, your Linux system will still be up and running. And because your Linux system is up and running, they're going to want to borrow your computer...a lot. And they'll have no problem using Linux. It has a familiar look and feel. Linux is so easy, anyone can use it.

So, when the next big virus rolls through the Windows world, expect visitors to drop by and say, "Hey, can I borrow your Linux system and check my email? My Windows system is down." Then, simply create a guest account for them and let them loose. All your data and settings in your personal home account will be secure and locked away.

(By the way, if you don't want folks constantly borrowing your Linux system, just make sure to have some Linux Live CDs at hand. Give them out and tell family and friends to try Linux on their own systems.)

Get Linux, recommend Linux and Give Linux for the holidays.

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