Sunday, December 2, 2007

Linux is not Windows.

Linux is not Windows. And thank goodness for that! Because it means Linux can't be infected with a Windows virus.

I mention this because, as I was working on this blog last night, I was clicking around the web collecting information. At some point during my clicks, I landed on a site that displayed a scanning utility that started to scan my system. It looked pretty authentic.

The next thing I see is a screen claiming my system is infected with spy ware! It specifically names Windows viruses. but, here's the thing. It's saying I have this virus on a Linux desktop System. AND, the same results come up on a Linux laptop. How can this be? Linux is immune to Windows viruses.

Well, it's nothing more than a marketing ploy to convince uninformed Windows users to download the anti-virus program. i won't mention the company.I removed their name from the graphic.) Now, as far as I know, this product could be quite helpful to Widows users. It just may be very helpful in removing spy ware and other Windows Viruses. (Then again..maybe not...who knows??)

But this is the point. When you use Linux, YOU DON'T NEED THESE PROGRAMS!

You'll save money and you'll also gain piece of mind. It's a bit worrisome, when in Windows, to see a message stating that your system is infected. If you were in Linux, you could simply ignore the website/ad knowing that your system is immune to Windows viruses.

This year, make a resolution to move away from Windows, viruses, and spy ware. Resolve to start using Linux. Right now, there lots of Linux holiday sales taking place all around the web (especially at!

Get Linux
and make it a virus free 2008!


Anonymous said...

Great post..linux rules i use it on my brand new toshiba laptop 64 bit you could not pay me to use virus fast all software free..good post

MSzorady said...

Thanks for thekind words!:) Your post reminded me that I have to get update thsi blog.:) It's been awhile.:) Lately, I've been doing some great things with Linux for sure!