Monday, December 10, 2007

Linux In Your Pocket

The great thing about Linux is how adaptable it is. Linux is everywhere. It runs Tivo, MP3 players, cell phones, computers, computer servers, and many other electronic devices. Linux even runs Google! And, by now, you know that Linux can be run directly from a Live CD.

But did you know that Linux can run directly from a thumb drive? That's right! It's possible to install Linux to a thumb drive and, simply by plugging this drive into any computer, you can run your own Linux desktop on that host computer.

You can install software to the thumb drive, edit and save documents, surf the web, etc. When you unplug the drive, you take everything with you. Nothing is left on the host computer! It's pocket-size Linux!

You can purchase a thumb drive from any electronics store, then simply install your favorite flavor of Linux. You're going to need at least a 4 gigabyte thumb drive in order to completely install Linux. Anything smaller won't work as well. is one site where they take you through the entire formatting and installation process, step by step, for specific Linux distributions.

However, for the beginner, I highly recommend you save yourself some time (and money) by checking out Right now, they have 4 gigabyte, 8 gigabyte, and 16 gigabyte thumb drives on sale with Linux pre-installed. These Kiowa Linux thumb drives are part of their 25 days of Christmas sale.

For the same amount of money it costs for a blank thumb drive, you can purchase one from already pre-installed with Linux!

It' a perfect stocking stuffer and a great way to easily introduce someone to Linux!

Imagine giving a friend or family member (or even yourself) an entire computer operating system on a thumb drive! And it'll run on any Windows PC! (Remember, it does this by booting and running Linux from the thumb drive. Linux runs on the computer, Windows does not.)

Linux, is everywhere! It should be on your computer. At least, get it on a thumb drive and take Linux with you!

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