Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Green PC

One the biggest Linux items to come along in some time is the Green PC. Also known as (informally) "The Google Computer" , or more simply, "gOS ." It's created a lot of buzz mostly because it's a Linux system being sold at the rock bottom price of $199.00. You can pick up one of these online at Walmart's web site.

But should you spend $199.00 on an easy to use Linux computer?

One reviewer doesn't seem to think so.

The reviewer writes,
"The gPC was slapped together to sell to Web-savvy people who have very little pocket money. My advice to these people? Save up for just a little longer and buy something for at least $450 that runs Windows Vista,..."

While I agree that, for a bit more money, you can get a computer with hardware that is more robust, I disagree with getting one with Vista. (He does mention a Linux based laptop as another alternative).

To get the full potential of Vista, a computer needs a heckuva lot more memory and hardware upgrades. You can read more in this blog post. And here, you can learn how you need not even buy a Linux computer if you don't want to. Simply get a used Windows PC that no one wants, download Linux, and install. Bingo! New computer!

My point is, there are a lot of really great Linux alternatives out there besides the gOS. Why is it assumed that because a Linux distribution under performs (in the opinion of one reviewer) that the choice automatically becomes Vista? Vista suffers greatly from under performance due to not having top shelf (and more expensive) hardware installed. And needing this hardware upgrade increases the price of a Vista computer considerably.

Rather than simply suggest Vista, I really wish the reviewer would have recommended the many other Linux computer makers(and distributions) out there on the web.

For instance, check out The folks at Kiowa Linux have a sale going on. A Kiowa Linux desktop computer (with some nice hardware and 512 megs of RAM) can be purchased for as little as $169.99. They also have some terrific moderately priced, and quite powerful, Linux systems.

All one need do is type "Linux computers" in Google and a number of Linux computer makers are listed. Alternatively,simply visit a Linux forum and ask where one can buy a good Linux desktop or laptop at an affordable price. The community will respond with many suggestions and recommendations.

The reviewer wraps up by saying, "
Aside from being cheap and unaffected by Windows viruses, there's not a lot to recommend in the Everex gPC."

Oh, really?!

Not being affected by viruses,Trojans, spy ware and malware is more than enough reason to purchase this Linux computer over Windows.


Anonymous said...


I am very much in agreement with you in regards to your comment about the fact that the Linux Operating System isn't afflicted by the many problems that Microsoft Windows is however I don't find your featured Linux Operating System particularly attractive however it may be because I don't particularly enjoy YouTube.Com; Bebo.Com; MySpace.Com et al.

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MSzorady said...

Thanks for the kind words about my blog and artwork. My apologies for not replying sooner. I'll look into getting a feed to my artwork. Blogging is quite new to me,so I'm still looking though many of the features offered by blogspot. An RSS feed is in there someplace.:)