Saturday, December 1, 2007


My real discovery of Linux began when I downloaded Linspire 5.0. Linspire was touted as the "easiest Linux" to use. And they were right. I found Linspire to be incredibly easy. And from that point, I made Linux my main Operating System.

Since then, the folks at Linspire have further developed their Linux distribution. One of these developments has been their community Linux distribution called Freespire.

Freespire 2.0 is the latest and greatest offering. i have to tell you, next to Kiowa,this is one terrific Linux distribution. Freespire, like its name, is free. it's free to download and install. The folks at Freespire have complete instructions on how to do this here. And Freespire allows you share this OS with friends and family. Simply register on their Share It page. Once you've registered, download Freespire, burn to CD, and pass on to others!

Freespire (and Linpsire) have really made great strides in making Desktop Linux easy to use. One of their biggest developments has been CNR (Click and Run). Located at, click and run is a very easy method of downloading and installing Linux software. Register for an account, log in, find the software you want in the warehouse, then click! The software is downloaded and installed on your Freespire (or Linspire) system automatically. It's brilliant!

and the great st thing about Freespire is the community of folks at the Freespire Forums.
if you have any questions about Linux, Freespire, Linspire, CNR, files, etc. someone on the forums will help you find the answer.

the forum members are some of the nicest, most giving people anywhere in the Linux community. For this reason alone, it's worth getting Freespire. Not only will you have a great version of Linux, but you'll learn a lot about Linux from the folks up on the Freespire Forum. The Linux community really is made up of some wonderful people. And some of the nicest, most involved, and talented are at the Freespire Forums.

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