Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Best Way to Protect Your Data...Get Linux!

Avoid those nasty Windows surprises. Get Linux.

I received an email offer from PC Magazine which reads in part, "Are you doing everything you can to protect your data? Malware—from viruses to spyware—continues to plague many businesses, not to mention internal security threats. Does your small business have a holistic security strategy in place?

Don't have a plan to secure your business data? Let the expert editorial staff of PC Magazine teach you everything you need to know. Attend this course of four dynamic online webcast lessons each of which includes practical downloadable coursework. "

I'm not surprised. These kind of courses and strategies have become necessary because Windows is under constant assault by viruses and malware.

I can't stress this point enough: if you run Linux , you don't need to worry about these Windows security threats. You don't need anti-virus programs. You don't need to sign up for courses to understand how to safeguard your system. You don't need yearly subscriptions to anti-virus services, etc.

Linux is safe and secure. It's immune to the viruses and malware that plague Windows systems.

Hang on to your money and at the same time, have piece of mind. Get Linux and say goodbye to all those Windows problems!

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