Monday, November 26, 2007

You're using Linux!

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Right now, you're using Linux. That's right. At this very moment, because you're reading this blog, you are running a Linux machine and experiencing the full power of Linux. How do I know? Well, it's because this blog (OneClickLinux) is powered by Google. And Google is powered by Linux. Don't believe me? Read this article.

Every time you use Google, you're using a Linux machine. Whether it be Gmail, the Google search engine, Blogger, Google Earth, or any other of the many Google're using Linux.

If you use Google on the web, you're using Linux.

Now, if Linux is good enough, secure enough and stable enough for Google, it ought to be good enough for your own home machine.

Get Linux!

Better yet, get a computer pre-installed with Linux. My favorite is Kiowa Linux. I run Kiowa Linux on my laptop.

The clear choice is Linux. Google made the Linux choice. So should you.


Anonymous said...


I think your Weblog is fantastic and I especially like the fact that you are able to communicate and convey the benefit(s) of utilizing a Linux Operating System as opposed to a Microsoft Windows Operating System or indeed an Apple Mac OS Operating System because in neither is free-of-charge nor is it an Open Source Operating System.

I told my parents a fortnight ago about the multiple devices in our household which were being operated via a Linux Operating System including that of a digital hand watch, a microwave oven and a dishwasher appliance. I think it's fantastic that such devices are made as reliable as possible because of the fact that a Linux Operating System is in use; it is very much a testament to the versatility and scalability of the Operating System and the Linux Kernel.

MSzorady said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad to hear that the website has been helpful. Like you, I'm pointing out to family and friends how much Linux is a part of their lives. The next step then, is to get them to download it, burn to CD, and give it a go!