Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Warning! Do Not Open!!!

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How many times have you received a Virus Warning Email? A Virus Warning Email goes something like this:

Beware of Virus - This is a must read!

An email is circulating that claims to have Pictures (or video, audio, documents, etc.) of (name of the event, person, etc. goes here). DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT! It is a virus (or Trojan) that will crash your whole system!

Usually, a link to is included to show the authenticity of the virus email threat.

Well, these are well meaning communications meant to make sure everyone avoids installing a nasty virus or Trojan on their systems.

Well, not EVERYONE. Only those users who happen to be running Windows. You see, Linux is immune to Windows viruses and Trojans. When I get one of these email warnings, I'll pass it along to others who are running Windows. But I'm not concerned at all. I run Linux.

And I hope that, if I point out Linux' immunity to Windows viruses often enough, you'll decide to give Linux a try.

A much better method of informing people about Linux was posted by Jim Isbell a member of the Freespire Linux forums. When he receives one of these Email warnings, he simply clicks on "Respond to all" and sends all the following email response:

"Dear (Whomever), I run Linux on my machine. It is immune to ALL Microsoft viruses. Also if you will read that Snopes article you will see that it DOES NOT say that the virus messes with your HD. It says that it installs a "Trojan horse" program in your computer to spy on you. This is NOT a major problem, however, first because a Trojan horse program does not trash your computer, it only spys on you. And secondarily the article also says that even this will not happen if you have a properly updated Windows system which you should have since it is a free service if you subscribe to "Big Fix".

But more importantly, if you run a Linux based system (there are over 200 of them), which has all the features of a windows system without the virus susceptibility, and has the added bonus that almost ALL software for Linux is FREE, even the operating system, AND even updates of the operating system are free, AND the desktop is hardly distinguishable from a Windows desktop so there is virtually NO LEARNING CURVE, AND support is free FOREVER not just for 30 or 90 days, AND it will run and can be easily installed on any computer that will run Windows, then you have no virus problems and no constant "send us $45 for an update" problems..."

How true!

Linux really gives you freedom! You get a great Operating System, great software and become part of a great community of Linux users. It's easy to start. Pick a Linux flavor, download and try it out!

Get Linux and get rid of viruses, spy ware and other internet nasties! Run Linux and maybe you'll be the one sending your friends a similar email.

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