Monday, November 26, 2007

Vista is a drag

It's becoming more widely reported that in order to run Windows Vista at a decent pace on a laptop or desktop computer, you'll need to do a major upgrade of hardware. That means more memory,more graphics memory, etc. And that means a higher cost for that new computer. If you're purchasing a new laptop or desktop, and opt to get something from the bargain bin, you're going to find that Vista really under performs. With the minimum system requirements these cheaper laptops are configured with, Vista does not deliver. Vista drags. It drags on your system's resources and drags on your computing experience.

And Vista isn't cheap,either. You're paying a hefty price for what Microsoft regards as cutting edge technology. In fact, Vista is more of a drain on system resources.

But, consider a laptop or desktop running Linux. With Linux, there's no large demand on system resources. Linux runs just fine with 512 megs of RAM. Most new laptops come with 1 gig of RAM. Linux will run at a very nice clip with that much memory AND give you a 3D desktop (Compiz). For Vista to run it's 3D Aero desktop, you're going to need 2 gigs of RAM for sure. And that means spending more for the laptop in hardware costs and the added cost of Vista.

So, you can get that great priced laptop for under $1000.00. To make it run well, simply get Linux on it!


ranti said...

Nice image! I'd like to use it as my desktop background, if it's OK with you?

MSzorady said...

Please. Be my guest.:) I'm flattered.:)

ranti said...

Thanks! :-)