Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Top 10 Windows Headaches

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If you're reading this, it's probably because you've had many a problem with Windows (and you're looking for information on alternative Operating Systems). Here's my list of the top 10 things wrong with Windows. Do these sound familiar?

10. Slow system performance. As Windows writes, rewrites, and saves files to the hard drive, the system slows down over a period of time. In order to get an increase in performance, you need to defrag your hard drive. Defragging a Windows hard drive could take all night. Linux never needs to be defragged!

9. Repeated Cost. You have to buy Windows over and over again. When you purchase a new PC, you're buying Windows, yet again. You're not allowed to take that copy of Windows and install it on a second or third PC without first paying Bill and company, yet again. Linux is free. and once you own it, you're permitted to install it on as many PCS as you and your family own.

8. Pop-ups and Spyware. Windows is susceptible to so many internet nasties. Pop-up ads and spyware can easily burrow onto your system simply by visiting a web page. Linux is immune to spyware and pop-ups are few and far between thanks to the FireFox browser and its built-in Ad blocking.

7. Internet Explorer vulnerability. Internet Explorer is a great big hole in your Windows system. it allows hackers and others a portal to all your critical data. It's because Windows and IE are so tightly integrated. Linux uses Mozilla based browsers (Sea Monkey, FireFox, etc.) that run independently of the core operating system.

6. DRM (Digital Rights Management) trap. DRM is a way of keeping your songs locked onto one computer system. It doesn't give you the freedom (or limits your freedom) to move your digital music to other computers or playback devices. Linux is free of DRM and utilizes the free, open source .ogg file format which has better sound and compression than MP3.

5. Third party utility software slowdown. This is software has has to constantly run in the background looking for viruses and other attacks. This requires the use of system resources and results in slower system performance. Linux does not need firewalls, anti-virus or other scanning software. Linux is immune to Windows viruses.

4. Administrator Mode vulnerability. All Windows users default to an administrator account. Meaning every user has access to the entire system, data, documents and other files. f something infects one user account, because all accounts run at the adminisration level, everyone's account becomes infected. Linux requires everyone to run in user mode. No one runs in administration mode. If a user damages their account in some way, it it limited to their account only. They cannot access another user's documents or data.

3. Crashing and Freezing. When a software application in Windows crashes or freezes,the entire system crashes or freezes. Windows is so tightly woven into its software and GUI, that when something goes wrong in one area, it affects the other area. Linux is built on layers. The core OS is separate from the GUI and independent of software applications. If an application in Linux crashes or freezes, the operating system and GUI continue to run. Simply terminate the frozen program start it up again.

2. High cost of repair. When Windows becomes corrupted and things stop working, taking it to a computer shop for repair can potentially cost hundreds. If it's been infected with a virus, there's no guarantee the problem will be completely eradicated. Linux has a wonderful community of fellow users who are always on hand to help you through any problem you may have. In addition, some Linux distributions will sell you support at a very modest cost.

1. Virus and Trojans. If a user isn't careful, Windows can become quickly infected with a virus and, in many cases, render the system useless. Linux is immune to Windows viruses.

So, the only way to really get rid of your Windows headaches is to get rid of Windows and Get Linux.

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