Sunday, November 11, 2007

Music! Music! Music!

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One of the biggest developments to come to home computers has been the digital music revolution. MP3 Players, online music services and music players for your computer desktop are now driving the recording industry. And Linux gives you so much more freedom in the digital music realm than Windows!

If you have a lot of music files, you may want to consider using the free, open source format called .ogg. Also known as Ogg vorbis, this format has better compression and sound than MP3. .Ogg Vorbis was developed when its founder discovered that a royalty was gong to be charged for using
the MP3 audio format. Folks are quickly discovering the advantages of using .ogg.

.Ogg is available for Windows. But, if you run Linux there are a multitude of free music players that support .ogg (and many of these support MP3, as well). With Linux, you have the best of both worlds!

My favorite Linux music player is Amarok.

Amarok is incredibly feature rich. Like other players, Amarok allows you to create play lists. But it ups the competition in this area. Amarok looks at your music habits and creates play lists for Most Played, Never Played, Newest Tracks, Random Tracks, etc. You can search your music by artist or title on the fly by simply typing in the first few letters in the search bar.

Amarok's neatest feature is its link to Wikipedia. So, if you were playing, "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra, Amaork scans Wikipedia and displays the lyrics and biography information on Old Blue Eyes. Like the Beatles? Whenever you play a Beatles song, you can ask Amarok finds the lyrics within Wikipedia's database.

Amarok can also sync up to your MP3 Player so you can take your music with you.

Amarok is head and shoulders above any other music player out there. it's free, feature rich and exclusive to Linux.

Get Linux and then you'll have Amarok. Amarok. Rediscover your music!

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