Sunday, November 25, 2007

Linux To The Rescue!

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Linux can actually help repair or save your Windows system!

When it comes to Windows, sooner or later, the system crashes or fails. This could be due to a virus or Trojan infecting the file system or merely because of operator error. Chances are pretty good that if you have multiple users on a Windows system (Mom, Dad, and kids), you're more prone to system failure.

Although Windows Vista has tried to increased security, the system is a bit clumsy in implementing these measures. And Windows Vista has been less than stellar in generating new sales. It seems folks want Windows XP. So, we'll address this article to the majority of Windows users using Windows XP.

When you set up a Windows XP user account, the system, by default, creates this account in full administration mode. This means that the new user has complete access to the entire system. Should they surf to a virus-laden website or do something which corrupts his/her account, it affects the entire system and all users.

Usually, when this happens, mom or dad unplug the system and take it to the local computer shop or large chain electronic
s for repair. $100.00 (or more) later, they get their computer back. And in some cases, it's no better than when they sent it out to be fixed.

This is where Linux can help you save some money, your critical files and data, or both. Linux can read Windows files and the overall hard drive Windows is installed on. If you were to download a Linux distribution and run it in Live CD mode on a Windows system, Linux would be able to see the entire contents of your Windows hard drive. The Linux Live CD is also able to move and copy these files in real time. This means you have a powerful tool to help troubleshoot your Windows problem before you send it out for repair. In the very least, it gives you a last chance to back up critical files sitting on your Windows hard drive before you lose something during the repair process at the local computer shop or bib box store repair center.

Let's say your Windows system will not boot. Your son or daughter has a term paper on it that's due the next day. It's 50 pages of hard work and unfortunately, wasn't backed up. You tried the Windows repair/recovery disk to no avail. Now is the time to pop in Linux! Simply drop the Live CD in your CD/DVD tray, boot the system and run Linux. Now you'll be able to navigate to the Windows hard drive, (usually called hda5, hda1 or similar), find the document, and copy it to a thumbdrive or other backup device. Now, you can search through the hard drive and identify the problem, whatever it might be (a corrupt file, Trojan or virus). If you'd rather not get under the hod as much, at least you have been able to back up documents and data. Rather than take the system to a repair shop where they'll more than likely reinstall Windows, you can simply do this yourself.

You've saved time, money and your critical files thanks to Linux! If you want to avoid this problem altogether, simply Get Linux.

The best way to get Linux is to buy a system with Linux pre-installed. Make it your New Year's resolution. 2008 will then be crash and error free!

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