Friday, November 30, 2007

Linux Shout Out!

I'm calling this blog post , "Linux Shout Out!" It's an area of the blog where, from time to time, I'll pass along some of the articles and news tidbits I've come across which discuss how popular Linux is becoming.

For instance, Linux is playing a major part in film animation. Read all about how Linux helped create the Dreamworks Animation Feature "Shrek the Third."

Dreamworks Animation isn't the only studio using Linux. Disney made the move a few years earlier.

On another Linux front, the One Laptop Per Child project is moving along quite well. If you're not familiar with this project, it involves the construction of a $100.00 laptop that will be distributed to children in the third world. the project's leaders selected Linux as the Operating System. Read a review of the laptop here.

And just in case you were considering buying a nice,new, shiny (and overpriced,IMHO) Mac computer, read the latest review of Mac Leopard here. According to this reviewer, the news is not good.

Do yourself a favor and save a whole lot of Christmas dough! Get Linux!


ranti said...

This might interest you:

Unlike Shrek, it is under Creative Commons as well. :-)

MSzorady said...

Wow! Outstanding find! Thank you, Ranti!:)