Monday, November 19, 2007

A Kiowa Chistmas.

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The wonderful thing about Linux is choice. There are a lot of Linux distributions to pick from. And over the past few years, I've used quite a few. I've either installed them on my hard drive or run them via a Live CD.

With so many Linux distributions to choose, it's like being a kid in a candy store! After trying several Linux distributions, pretty soon, you narrow it down to one and settle in with it.

For me, my absolute favorite Linux distribution, more and more, is Kiowa Linux.

Why? Without getting too technical, Kiowa combines the best of an RPM Linux distribution and a .deb Linux distribution. It's the best of both worlds! If you thought Linux was highly customizable, wait until you see how much more control you'll have over all your hardware and software when you run Kiowa.

Kiowa also comes with the most recent software releases of OpenOffice, Gimp, Amarok, K3b, and other open source software. This means the most cutting edge developments are right there at your fingertips in Kiowa.

Kiowa also allows you to run BOTH KDE and Gnome desktops! No need to install a second or third Linux distribution to see these desktops in action. The latest 3D desktop is also available in Kiowa.

Kiowa also sports a much friendlier version of Wine. In the past, Wine has been a bit confusing to new users. This is why CrossOver Linux (based on Wine) has increased in popularity. Now you can easily run Wine and install supported Windows applications without having to purchase CrossOver. Although, both will run on Kiowa.

The best way to get Kiowa is to buy a computer system preconfigured with Kiowa. Now that the holiday shopping season has kicked off, sales abound! And there are terrific deals on Kiowa Linux computers and laptops at the Kiowa Linux web site! You'll get a great computer system with a great Operating System at a great price. Plus, you'll get terrific support from the Kiowa folks.

If you'd rather ease into Linux, the Kiowa folks can build you a dual-boot system. They'll install Kiowa Linux on half the hard drive and Windows on the other half. This way, you can run both and decide which OS is better. I guarantee you, once you run Kiowa Linux, you'll very rarely boot into Windows. (BTW, I'm writing this blog in Kiowa Linux.)

Get Kiowa Linux. Give a Kiowa system or laptop to a family member and assure them a safe, secure computing experience this Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

The link give as;

Should be

Put an "i" in it !

MSzorady said...

The linked has been corrected. My apologies for the error and thanks for the heads up.:)

Linuxratty said...

Well hi Mark!
What an interesting turn of events! Long time no see since I left the 'spire forum...
This is just too cool for words and I'd never have know if info on this distro had not popped up on the Klikit linux forum....
I wish you all the best of luck with this distro...Go for it!

MSzorady said...


Thanks!:) I still continue to use Freespire and Linspire.:) But Kiowa Linux really is moving forward at a nice clip.:) Kiowa is offering so many neat things! Their next beta will be using KDE4!:)