Friday, November 23, 2007

k3b burns Windows!

One of the most common ways of storing data and backing up files is through writable (and rewritable) CD-ROMS and DVDs. It's a simple matter of dragging files over to a menu and starting the burn process.

Usually, Windows comes with third party burning applications by Nero, Roxio, Toast, and others already intalled. However, these pre-configured Windows apps are somewhat limited in what they can do. Again, you get hooked into using the app and then when you need to do something a bit more advanced, they reach for your wallet. Need to do something advanced? Simply send them an extra payment for an upgrade and then you can proceed with that advanced procedure. So that CD-burning app that came with windows for "free" really isn't. It's going to cost you additional dollars.

Linux is different. Linux comes with a full featured CD/DVD burning app, pre-installed, called k3b (meaning, "KDE Burn Baby Burn").

k3b is free, feature rich and quite powerful. It can do it all. No need to have to buy an upgrade because of some limitation. k3b can burn, copy, erase, format your CDs, DVDs, etc. It has an easy to use graphic interface. It's easy to make burn DVDs and CDs, audi disks and media disks, data disks and archival disks. k3b does it all.

Get Linux.

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