Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been another great Thanksgiving! I had a great meal with family and had a chance to show everyone my new Kiowa Laptop. My niece wants one! Her Windows XP laptop is loaded with all sorts of pop-ups and other problems too numerous to list here. And it's now easier for her to make the transition to Linux.

The great thing about Linux today is, there's no learning curve. Linux looks like Windows, feels like Windows, yet has none of the Windows problems with viruses, pop-ups, etc.

And to make things more "Windows-like", it appears that folks in the Linux community are figuring out ways to make it easier to install Linux software.

I told you about these different methods in a previous post.

Well, with my Kiowa laptop, I stumbled on a new method. It was a wonderful to discovery because it again illustrates how much easier Linux is than Windows.

Kiowa uses the RPM (Redhat Package Manager) system for installing software. Built into Kiowa is an automatic installer that recognizes the RPM package and simply installs the software with a couple of clicks. There's no need to open a console (aka "Konsole" in Linux terminology) and type a command.

This is a great method of installing software if you happen to have downloaded an RPM file from a Linux commercial or commuity site. Simply right click on the RPM file, select "install RPM package" from the context menu, enter your root password to gain administrative privileges, and away you go! The software installs and menus are created in the launch area.

So,there's no need to run out at 4 A.M. tomorrow morning (Black Friday) to try and get a discounted Windows Vista laptop or desktop system. Simply check out the deals at Kiowa.

Get Linux and get rid of that turkey called Windows!

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