Saturday, November 10, 2007

Got a business? Easily create a business card!

gLabels is a terrific little Linux software program that does ONE THING and does it very well!

gLabels allows you to easily create business cards and labels.

And because it runs in Linux, gLabels is free software. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

gLabels has a very straight-forward and easy to use interface. Simply choose an Avery template (business card or label) and the way you want the final card or label printed (landscape or portrait orientation) and start right in. Anyone can master this program in only a few minutes! You can insert artwork, create and edit text, create lines and shapes, and move and edit things to your liking.

When you've got your design just the way you like it, gLabels will perfectly print it to the Avery business card stock or label sheet that you selected in the opening steps.

For any small or medium sized business, gLabels is heaven sent! All too often in the Windows world, in order to create your own business cards or labels, you need to purchase a high-end desktop publishing program. Spending $100.00 or more is quite steep when all you wish to do is create a business card. gLabels is free! Check your Linux distribution's repository.

gLabels is a GNOME based program and runs on the GNOME desktop. But as long as all the proper libraries are provided in your distro's repository, gLabels will run just fine on the KDE desktop.

I run the KDE desktop on my Linux systems and gLabels is always in use. As you can see by the accompanying screenshots and pictures, I use gLabels to create all my business cards. As a cartoonist, it goes without saying that I need to have a fun business card to hand out to readers, editors and other. gLabels lets me easily create all my cartooning business cards in a snap! (All screen shots and pictures edited, tuned, and cropped using the Gimp.)

Got a question about cartooning with Linux, or Linux in general? Email me at: If I use your question on my blog, I'll send you an original, signed George comic strip!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to gLabel.

But... "And because it runs in Linux, gLabels is free software." Simply is not true. There is plenty of non-free software that runs on Linux.

MSzorady said...

What I meant to say was, "It's free software and (AFAIK) available only in Linux."

Either way, it's a great program and I was introduced to it because I run Linux.:)

Thanks again for the comments.:)