Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fix Windows for good! Get Linux!

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I enjoyed creating the above comic strip. It's an innocent little poke at holiday spending. And, at this time of year, we all enjoy going out (or online) to do a bit of holiday shopping.

It's the unforeseen expenses that give us headaches. The things we don't budget for. A home plumbing repair, new brakes for the car, and possibly, repairing the family computer due to some virus or related problem.

And speaking of repairing computers, I'm amazed at the number of businesses that have sprung up claiming to be able to fix your Windows computer problems online or through phone tech support. Have you noticed the same? Just turn on your radio and give a listen. Companies advertise a "Quick Fix Online" and all will be well. They'll scan your Windows computer though the Internet and then pinpoint the problem and fix it...provided you hand them your credit card. And the charges for such a service can be quite hefty. Upwards of $100.00.

I'm going to show you how to avoid spending hundreds of dollars repairing your Windows system of viruses,Trojans and other Internet nasties. It's simple. GET LINUX! For the cost of a blank DVD or CD (About a buck), you can download Linux for free, burn the iso file to the disk and install on your PC (I outlined the process here).

Then it's goodbye to Windows and goodbye to Windows repairs. You'll no longer need anti-virus software or online repair services. Your computer will be stable and secure. You won't run into unforeseen crashes and problems due to Windows viruses.

An even better solution is to take that $100.00 you'd be spending to fix your Windows PC and simply put it toward a brand new Linux computer system (After all, it is Christmas). I recommend Kiowa Linux.

Make 2008 the year you move to Linux. It's easy to do. There is an active Linux community which will help you make the transition. There is also a large number of Linux distributions, to choose from. One is just right for you.

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