Friday, November 16, 2007

Amazing Linux Desktops Part III

I thought I'd include some desktops from other Linux users. These folks frequent the Freespire forums and have been very helpful to me over the years in learning how to use Linux and unlock it's incredible potential. You may want to consider trying Freespire Linux. Regardless of the distribution you do select, make sure to get involved with its forums community. Folks are always there to help you with Linux.

First up(at right), we have a desktop shot from AdamK. He's using a SuperKaramba widget for the weather report in the lower right hand corner and the clock at the top. He also notes that the icons used on this desktop are from the "Exquisite" icon set.

A nice clean looking desktop!

Next up is a couple of screenshots from Freespire forum member JDoyle. In the first (at left), he's demonstrating the 3D desktop called XGL. It's powerful and quite amazing! If you thought Windows Vista had cool 3D graphics, then check out XGL in Linux! There are also other 3D desktops available for Linux. Check out Beryl. and look into the project Beryl was based upon called Compiz.

These 3D desktops are powerful , constantly being updated by the community, open source, and free.

The last screen shot is also from JDoyle. He calls it BOB (which I think is a play on the old Bob Operating System companion to Windows that Microsoft pushed unsuccessfully many years ago.) Again, notice how he has used SuperKaramba widgets. It's the same Superkaramba application as in the other desktops, but now has a very different look, as does the icons, fonts, and panels.

Linux and KDE give you endless possibilities in making your personal computer or laptop truly personal! You can give it your own look and style! It's easy when you use Linux!

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